Christmas Concerts with Optional Festive Dinner in Vienna 24-30.12.2017

Concert only Category C - 48 €
Concert only Category B - 59 €
Concert only Category A - 69 €
Concert only Category VIP - 99 €
Concert&Dinner 24.or 25.12.seats C - 118 €
Concert&Dinner 24.or 25.12.seats B - 129 €
Concert&Dinner 24.or 25.12.seats A - 139 €
Concert&Dinner 24.or 25.12.seats VIP - 173 €
Concert&Dinner 26-30.12.seats C - 91 €
Concert&Dinner 26-30.12.seats B - 102 €
Concert&Dinner 26-30.12.seats A - 112 €
Concert&Dinner 26-30.12.seats VIP - 142 €
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Christmas Concerts with Optional Festive Dinner in Vienna 24-30.12.2017

Especially during the most festive season of the year, a visit to our Strauss and Mozart concert in the enchanting atmosphere of Kursalon Wien, can be an exceptional experience. 

On Christmas days, the Salonorchester Alt Wien, our excellent ballet dancers and international opera singers perform some of the most beautiful compositions by the “King of Waltz” Johann Strauss and the primary representative of Viennese music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

In order to be indulged not only with music but also with culinary delicacies, we offer concert and dinner packages that give you the chance to combine a visit to the concert and a delicious dinner in the restaurant “Das Johann”.

On Christmas Eve you can enjoy a very special gala evening: After a Christmas-Concert with music of Strauss, Mozart and others,presented by the Salonorchester Alt Wien, we offer you an exquisite 4-course-menu on festivaly decorated round gala tables provided  in-house restaurant “Das Johann”.Get enchanted by these musical and culinary delights!

The “Salonochester Alt Wien”, led by Professor Udo Zwoelfer, is one of the best known interpreters of classical Viennese music and manages to make the most impressive compositions by our “King of Waltz” Johann Strauss and the primary representative of Viennese music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, even more unique. Our virtuosic musicians, excellent opera singers and enchanting ballet dancers present an evening full of Viennese charm- including spirited sounds of waltz, polka, arias and duets, as well as operetta and concert solo pieces at the highest artistic level possible.

Johann Strauss (son), the “King of Waltz” outshone everybody else in the same genre. In 1844, Strauss started his career as a composer with the first and incredibly successful performance of his own orchestra in Dommayer’s Casino in Hietzing, Vienna. This was the beginning of his unprecedented triump, that, among other things, led him and his brothers Joseph and Eduard to Kursalon Wien.

Mozart and his music has fascinated people right up to the present day, like no other composer. Mozart was taught to play the violin by his mentor and teacher, his father Leopold Mozart, when he was only 3 years old.  Mozart left Salzburg and came to Vienna. Despite his early death, Mozart’s oeuvre comprises more than 600 compositions, such as church music, operas, musical comedies and other dramatic works, ballet, concert arias, songs and canons, dances, symphonies, divertimenti, serenades and chamber music for various types of instrumentation, as well as concerts and sonatas.

Download the program in PDF

A samle of musical program (on Christmas the program includes some carols):

Bandit Gallop, op. 378, Johann Strauss

Treasure Waltz, op. 418, Johann Strauss

Aria to be announced

Viennese Bonbons, Waltz, op. 307, Johann Strauss

Aria to be announced

Overture to the opera “Le Nozze di Figaro”, KV 492, W. A. Mozart

Rondo alla turca from the Piano Sonata in A major, K.V. 331, W. A. Mozart

Champagne Gallop, op. 14, ballet, H. C. Lumbye

Overture to the comic opera “A Night in Venice”, Johann Strauss

Vocal Duet to be announced

A Little Night Music, K.V. 525, W. A. Mozart

Duet from the operetta “Viennese Spirit”, J. Strauss

On the Beautiful Blue Danube, waltz, op. 314, ballet, J. Strauss

(The right to make alterations is reserved)



Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Kursalon Wien during the festive season!

Do not miss the chance to be enchanted by the Salonorchester Alt Wien giving one of their Strauss and Mozart Christmas concerts

Combine your visit to the concert with an exclusive festive dinner  


December 24th: Concert: 6.00 pm  / Optional festive dinner: 8.00 pm

December 25th: Concert: 6.00 pm / Optional festive dinner: 7.30 pm


December 24th & 25th Festive menu:

„Gala Imperiales Wien“ (4 course menu)

Sheep cheese terrine on bell-pepper salsa and marinated lettuce


Topinambur soup with purple potato chips


Roasted fillet of veal and beef and shallot glace with sweet potato lasagna and sugarbeans


Soufflé of almonds and cinnamon, coffee ice and quince compote


Vegetarian alternative:

Creamy rice with pumpkin, pine nuts and sheep cheese 

Sparkling wine (1 glass, VIP one bottle), unlimited white wine, red wine, beer, espresso, nonalcoholic drinks


December 26th - December 30th: Concert: 8.15 pm / Optional dinner: 6.00 or 10.00 pm 


December 26th - December 30th Festive menu:

Duck terrine with quince ragout and marinated lettuce


Wild consommé with cream cheese ravioli and vegetable strips


Veal in puff pastry on vegetable ragout and marsala sauce

Filet of seabrass on beets and saffron foam


Vanilla mousse with baked apple ice and hip leaf

Drinks are not included! 




Optional Festive Dinner

Unlimited drinks to the menu (only 24 and 25.12.)

The category VIP additionally includes  reserved VIP seat, 1 glass of sparkling wine in the concert interval, Johann Strauss CD, programme booklet



Pick up

Drinks to the menu on 26-30.12.

Duration of Concert: 1,45 min, dinner approximately 2 hrs

Meeting point: The guest are responsible to come to the meeting point  Kursalon Wien, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna. Emergency phone 00430 1512 57 90.

Please note: VIP seats are in the first and the second row.This tour is available for wheelchairs users - must be announced.

Restrictions: Please arrive 15 minutes prior the start.

Conditions: Cancellation made within 3 days’ notice is fully refundable. Cancellation made within 3 days’ of the service date will be charged in full. Cancellations after the event are not possible.

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