Dinner at original medieval restaurant and wine cellar Queen Elizabeth

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Dinner at original medieval restaurant and wine cellar Queen Elizabeth

Many monarchs and presidents from all around the world including Qeen Elizabeth II, George Bush, and Václav Havel, to name a few, dined in this spectacular restaurant build in 1323 as a cistercian cloister by the Elizabeth Richenza in the capital of Moravia – Brno,Czech republic. In the restaurant „ Queen Elizabeth „ you can experienced feudal atmosphere of culinair dinning and tasting of a rich sortiments of Moravian wine and special spirits like slivovice….Herrald Tribune list 5.2.2013

The Wine Cellars Queen Elizabeth arose at the same time  as the Cistercian  monastery, which was founded in 1323 by royal widow Elizabeth Rejčka (mother of the king Charles IV). In 1964 began the reconstruction of the interior and 10.9th 1965 was open the wine cellar and the restaurant.
The Wine Bar is the oldest and the most famous part of the complex "The Queen Elizabeth", where you will find the romantic wine cellars,including live folk music, traditional culinary,specialties and rich
selection of wines.
Stylish restaurant and winery Queen Elizabeth is located in a quiet place in the middle of a busy city center of Brno where tourists spend beautiful moments. Management of the restaurant together with the chef prepared typical offer menu that will satisfy even the most demanding diners from all over the world.

Opening hours for serving menu: Tuesday - Saturday  16:00 am-24:00 pm
Wine bar offers live music in the evening. "Trio of the Queen Elizabeth"
consists of three musicians composed a violinist, bassist and accordionist
with a reach repertoire of music usually play 19:30-23:30.

Queen Elizabeth Winery, U Královny Elišky,Mendlovo náměstí 951/1b, 603 00, Brno



Menu for one:  


Soup:   Beef brooth with vegetable and liver dumpling

Main Course:   Grilled salmon with lemon sauce, boiled potatoes with parsley

Dessert:  Pancake with chocolate and whipped cream


Soup:  Beef brooth with vegetable and noodles

Main Course:   Steak of pork sirloin with pepper sauce, mashted potatoes

Dessert:  Cheesecake with raspberry sauce 


Starter: Mozzarella caprese, baquette

Main Course:  Chicken steak with ruccolla salat, roasted potatoes

Dessert:  Apple strudel with vanilla ice - cream and whipped cream


Soup:  Beef broth with vegetable and liver dumpling

Main Course:  Beef cheeks on red wine with root vegetable, cream mashted potatoes

Dessert:  Pancake with hot raspberry and whipped cream


Starter:  Salad with homemade dresing and cheese, pastry

Main Cours: e Grilled camembert with cranberry sauce, boiled potatoes with parsley

Dessert:  Hot raspberry with vanilla ice - cream

Reservations are required 48 hours in advance. Cancellation made within 24 hours’ of service date will be charged in full; More than 24 hours’ notice is fully refundable. Reservations must be emailed to parkoviste.grand@centrum.cz  at least 2 days in advance for confirmation.




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