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Visites Thématiques Visites à Pied de Brno

Enjoy the most important sites in Brno by walking. You can learn the history, architecture, legends or Villa Tugendhat.


The Town of Olomouc UNESCO world

Visit the oldest royal town in the Czech Republic by private car and guide


Dinner at original medieval restaurant and wine cellar Queen Elizabeth

Many monarchs and presidents from all around the world including Qeen Elizabeth II, George Bush, and Václav Havel, to name a few, dined in this spectacular restaurant build in 1323 as a cistercian cloister by the Elizabeth Richenza in the capital of Moravia – Brno,Czech republic. In the restaurant „ Queen Elizabeth „ you can experienced feudal atmosphere of culinair dinning and tasting of a rich sortiments of Moravian wine and special spirits like slivovice….Herrald Tribune list 5.2.2013

Private Bratislava - a day trip by car for 1 - 3 persons

Tour the scenic capital of Slovakia with a guide, included shopping and tours of numerous cultural and historic sites.

Curturel patrimoine mondial UNESCO – Ville de Třebíč

Les monuments juifs de Třebíč, ainsi que ceux trouvés à Jérusalem, sont les seuls qui ont été indiqués séparément sur la liste de l'UNESCO.


2 Hours Day or Evening Historical Downtown - walking tour

Take short informal walking tour of the historical centre of Brno. On this 2-hour guided tour you will visit Brno's most interesting sights and their history. You can choose day or evening tour.

UNESCO world cultural heritage site - the town of Telč

Find the perl of Moravian Towns- Telc as the Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site.

Caves of Moravian Karst with Lunch - Sloup and Katerinska - private tour

On this tour you will discover the famous karst area full of caves, chasms and rocks. You will visit the most beautifull and the longest cave Sloup with two floors and enchanting stalactite Katerinska cave. Group price.


Visite guidée à pied de Brno, en groupe

Grâce à cette visite guidée à pied, visitez les attractions importantes de Brno, dont le monastère de Capuchin, la fontaine du Parnasse, la cathédrale St-Pierre et St-Paul, la maison des nobles de Leipa, le palais de Klein ou l’église de Saint Jacques


Evening tour to the chateau with dinner - Area of Lednice - Valtice – UNESCO - The gorgeous area on the UNESCO world heritage list

Come and see the beauty of Lednice Chateau, part of the Lednice-Valtice landscape park with dinner for 15 and more persons.


The Magical City

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